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PPGI Coil Inspection

The PPGI rolls ordered by our new Brazilian customer have been produced and are undergoing the final step before shipment: inspection.

Today our company's inspectors went to the warehouse to inspect galvanized steel pipes for Gambian customers.

In this inspection, strict inspections were carried out from three aspects: specification size, coating, and surface.

The type of paint meets the requirements of the contract, the color of the coating is uniform, there is no obvious color difference, and the thickness of the coating meets the requirements of the contract.

The width error is +-2mm, the incision is straight, the cut surface is neat, and the thickness tolerance is +-0.03mm.

The roll surface is smooth, without obvious unevenness, warping, deformation, clean surface, no oil stains, no air bubbles, shrinkage cavities, missing coatings and other defects harmful to use, and the defective part of the steel coil does not exceed 5% of the total length of each coil. Marks, bumps, scars.

If you want to purchase prepainted rolls recently, please feel free to contact us, we also currently have some stock available for immediate shipment.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023